1. Goal/characteristics of the Husaria Rally

  1. The Rally aims to raise money for charity.
  2. The primary goal of the Rally is to collect funds, all of which will be credited to the Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs), with special emphasis on organizations working on behalf of children.
  3. Payments will be deposited by the participants, sponsors, partners etc. directly to the accounts of the PBOs.
  4. The secondary goals of the Rally include:
    • promotion of vintage automotive vehicles;
    • promotion of good manners and mutual assistance on the road,
    • integration of automotive environments.

2. Date and route of the rally

  1. The event will start on ..................................
  2. The Finish Line will be crossed in .......................................
  3. It is not possible to start the Rally from a different place other than the Start.
  4. The rally route is not marked out, but it is mandatory to pass through the designated checkpoints.

3. Conditions for participation in the Rally

  1. Anyone who has submitted the application form through ............................, satisfied the Terms & Conditions and has been admitted by the Organizers can participate in the Rally.
  2. The Rally is open to motor vehicles manufactured in the so-called technological thought of the former Eastern bloc before 2000; all the other vehicles - until 1979, and the cars with the capacity up to 1000cm3 - before 1994.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to admit into the Rally vehicles other than those mentioned above, based on the generally understood welfare of the Rally (e.g. for PR purposes) and in case of any doubts it is the organizer who should have the final say on the admittance of a given vehicle into the Rally, or lack thereof.
  4. Each crew is required to deposit a minimum amount of 750 PLN to the account of a WOŚP and a minimum amount of 750 PLN to the account of a PBO indicated by the crew. Needless to say, it is also possible to deposit the entire amount to the account of a WOŚP (for two-wheelers: 350 PLN and 350 PLN, respectively).
  5. Additionally, each crew must pay:
    1. 150 PLN per each person. Bank account number 26 1140 2004 0000 3802 7694 0517 
    2. Kids iunder 12 years old for free. Dogs for free, cats 25PLN ;)
  6. of the registration fee which provides the following:
    • t-shirt with the official.............. logo,
    • lanyard with the ................
    • right to participate in the inauguration event,
    • 2 nights at the finish line,
    • right to participate in the event at the finish line, incl. buffet, grilled meat, drinks, wine, Georgian music, prizes, etc.
    • diploma from the rally
  7. Each crew will also receive a starter pack, and in it:
    • a set of start stickers,
    • stickers from partners/sponsors of the rally,
    • route book,
    • two reflective vests with the logo of the rally,
    • bag with ................... logo,
    • RSB for use for the duration of the rally (detailed information about RSB on husariarally.eu/forum),
    • RSB to be used for free, roaming etc., it means users will not make any payments,
    • right to participate in te parade our own in Gori
  8. The RSB will be the subject to deposit of 100 PLN charged at the start, which will be returned within 5 days of returning the device to Organizers.
  9. Starting stickers remain the property of the Organizers until the end of the Rally at the finish line.
  10. All data necessary for bank transfers will be provided on www.husariarally.eu or www.en.husariarally.eu
  11. It is obligatory for every driver to have valid AD&D and liability insurance.
  12. Each crew is required to select its captain who will represent it.
  13. All vehicles must have valid documentation needed for driving on public roads.
  14. Registration fees and payments to PBOs are non-refundable.
  15. The competitors of the Rally agree for their image and the image of their vehicles to be published in video footage and photographs taken during the Husaria Rally as a way to promote the event.
  16. Payment confirmation should be sent to the Organizer ......................
  17. The number of vehicles/crews limited to 30

4. Accommodation

  1. The participants of the Rally are not obliged to use the accommodation offered by the Organizer. Considering the checkpoints, each crew can choose the route and accommodation that will best serve their needs.

5. Starting numbers and advertising stickers

  1. The crews will receive their respective starting numbers in the starter pack. These numbers should be placed on the front door of the vehicle as well as on the top bar of the windscreen and rear window.
  2. The crews should take care of the stickers of their funders / sponsors / partners on their own.

6. Liability of the Participants

  1. By submitting the application form to the Husaria Rally, all participants agree to comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The participants are required to exercise reasonable and safe driving, as well as comply with traffic regulations in force, which are specific to each country. They should assume full responsibility for the technical condition of their vehicle, as well as the mandatory liability insurance and AD&D.
  3. The participants take part in the Rally solely on their own responsibility, and in case of any failure, health problems, technical issues etc., they should rely on themselves only.

7. Final provisions

  1. The organizer does not assume responsibility for damages and losses suffered by the crews and their equipment, as well as those caused by direct or indirect damage to third parties and their property.
  2. Participation in the Rally is the sole responsibility of the participants and all incurred costs of participation in the Rally should be covered by the participants themselves.
  3. For the sake of good image of the Rally, the Organizer hereby informs that all types of behavior infringing the rules of good conduct and cultural traditions that exceed the generally accepted social norms (e.g. persistent interference of the curfew in accommodation sites, etc.) will result in the removal of the starting stickers and subsequent exclusion of the participants from the crew list. Both the Organizer of the Rally and the specially appointed Trust Crews (after first consulting it with the Organizer) are entitled to make this decision.
  4. The Trust Crews are appointed by the Organizer.
  5. Responsibility for each crew should be assumed by its captain.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to proper interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, and to the issuance of additional instructions and notifications forming an integral part of the supplementary Terms and Conditions. The Organizer also reserves the right to change the route/date of the Rally and other provisions, such as those regarding safety of the participants.
  7. Failure to comply with these regulations or with the relevant legal provisions, as well as the refusal to meet the above requirements, will cause immediate exclusion of a person from the Rally and will provide grounds for non-acceptance of such participant or any claim made by them towards the Organizer.